CCNP study books?

Ready for CCNP Enterprise 350-401 certification? So there are three things. Three (3) things you need to pass the CCNP. Let me show them in pictures:

Ok, so the three (3) things are:

  1. IPV6 book by Microsoft. Understanding IPV6. Great book and essential to know ipv6. Has the theory and then shows actual packet captures. The packet captures are great for me to keep the concepts straight. IPV6 ND packets can be confusing and hard to grasp. Few here in America use IPV6 on a daily basis, so you have to learn it somehow. Use a lab and this book. Yes this is a Microsoft book. You know what, they have the best book on IPV6. Microsoft has been using IPV6 since before sliced bread. They know this stuff. Just buy it and read it.
  2. CCNP study guide by Cisco. Havent read the whole thing yet. . .but this is one of the best single study books. It is on sale right now on Amazon.
  3. Create a lab. You will need several Cisco routers and cisco switches. Cost should be under $1000.00 if you buy on a budget. I also use a older Cyclades IP serial Alterpath ACS 16 device to connect to the serial ports. You can get by with a USB to seral converter, you could even buy a few of them and have them connected to the important parts of your lab. For cisco switches, i have several 2960, and also trying to get a newer switch. In the picture you might notice a old 2900 series XL. Someone gave it to me, don’t laugh! For most, I use newer equipment. I have to do some VTP labs myself and not sure all versions of VTP are covered on a 2960. I think they are if you have a cisco account and can get new IOS code on them. I suggest a real lab, not virtual. Routers I am using Cisco 2911. I also have a Cisco 4321 that I got for $50.00 dollars. ***** VIRTUAL LABS ARE LAME*** For me I need a real lab just so I get off the internet. Using a virtual lab on the internet, it may work for some. I like the actual equipment. Yes its loud. Yes it uses alot of power. But it truly is the best experience, I think. A stand alone lab can be a god send for those who have internet distraction disease (IDD). Most of us have a a mild for of IDD and show some symptoms. The symptoms of IDD? If ever on a internet enabled computer, you need to check something on the internet that not necessary. That is IDD. Its a big deal. Having a separate lab keeps you focused. You can write your notes on a non internet connected computer and save them to USB when you need to pull them to your other devices. Your large hardware store like Lowes has the steel racks shown in the picture, they run around $200.00. For me I like having alot of space to put various things. My laptops, my books, cables, my lunch, my water, my backpack, so on. Copyright 2022, Rod Deluhery

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