network security – cover your web traffic

worked a bit with the folks at Zscaler today. Good guys, they were helpful. People talk about network security and how to make your network secure. There are thousands of things that can be done, some matter and some don’t. People discuss what should and should not be done. One thing that should be done? Cover your web traffic. Meaning create a cover of where your web traffic is coming from. Have a networks that builds a path so that someone can’t associate your users traffic to where your users data is ! Keep it separate. Create an easy way to find traces of where your datacenters are located, who would do that?

For most medium sized organizations, they have people inside the buildings/factories that browse the web, and that creates information. If you use a zscaler cloud service, the browsing leaves a footprint that simply points back to Zscaler. That is one of the things I like about it. Your organization doesn’t go around the internet leaving footprints that point back to the datacenter(s). Footprints and information that can be useful for people trying to figure out how your network operates.

I was at a common US government installation a month ago, and they have free WIFI. I thought, I wonder if this free wifi is associated with the governments internet link? That might be a bad idea. Well, I couldn’t tell, which is good. I went to a website “”. IPchicken and many others show the source of you web traffic. The government building I was in, they covered their web traffic. Stay safe. Cover your web traffic.

Copyright 2020 Rod Deluhery

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